Our tools for success

  • Strong in-house bioinformatics expertise
  • >45,000 microbiome samples analyzed
  • Bacterial whole-genome sequencing

Deep know-how in microbiome science and sequencing. Biopolis is a pioneering organization in massive sequencing technologies, being the ones to have the first NGS machine entering the country. Up to today, more than 45,000 samples have been analyzed in Biopolis lab, which includes not only the sequencing but also the bioinformatic analysis of the data. This deep expertise is reflected in the more than 45 papers in peer-review journals on microbiology and microbiome. These knowledge is not only welcomed, but needed to design novel probiotic approaches and measure their efficiency on clinical trials. Of course, all of our strains are genome sequenced in-house to make sure no toxic genes are present.

  • Specialized laboratories
  • Well-trained personnel
  • Creative ideas, rigorous approach

A Strong Scientific Core. Biopolis spawns from the Spanish National Research Council, the most prestigious research institution in the country, and science is in our DNA. With more than a third of PhDs in their staff, Biopolis has published over 100 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals and 20 groups of patents. Eleven specialized laboratories are equipped with the best technology to enable putting to test the creative approaches of the team in the most rigorous way. We perform clinical trials to demonstrate that our strains work the way is intended.

  • A well stablished model organism for evaluation of functional ingredients
  • Short, reproducible lifespan – fast, robust results
  • Useful as a mode of action deciphering tool

A great evaluation and screening tool. In order to iterate faster and with more accuracy than other companies, Biopolis uses the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans as a model to test the efficiency of probiotics and other ingredient combinations. The most important properties of this organisms are its short life-span and close molecular similarity with other animals. Experiments to identify an ingredient efficacy in C. elegans can take orders of magnitude less time

  • 9000 L fermentation capacity
  • Regular supply to clients (food+nutritional supplements)
  • Everything developed in-house

In-house production facilities. Many issues may appear when looking for one good probiotic strain, and not being able to grow it efficiently is possibly one of the nastiest one. That is why we are fully equipped with two production plants, DSP and QC labs to make sure our probiotics arrive to the client the way they are intended to. We meet the highest quality standards to ensure that our strains are safely used in food, pharma and baby food products.